Did you know that studies have shown that Children who grow up in homes where their photos are on display, do so with more self esteem and a greater sense of belonging than Children that don’t. No? Well with that in mind I’d love to show you how to display your photos, with style, class and elegance.

The products I create and sell are nothing short of spectacular. I’m not kidding, when my studio samples arrive I am always blown away at how incredible they are.

I am partnered with one of the top UK professional print labs and I can assure you, the quality is always top notch. The pictures on this page are all real products that I have in the studio and they are all photos I have taken for my clients. Let me show you.

Featured product dimensions 14″x 12″ and costs £109

Heritage Frame

Elegant and effortless. This frame is available in five beautifully subtle colours and can be made to the exact size you need for your wall space.

Handmade in the UK, this wonderfully classic frame features several small step drops leading to a deep recess with image inset.

Classic beauty to suit any decor.

From £109


The following mouldings and colours are available with this product.

Dark Chocolate
French Grey

Acrylic Orb

For a show-stopping display, the Acrylic Orb presents your images like no other wall product. The highlight of any room, this features a photographic print fronted by thick Acrylic to create a high definition display.

Minimalistic style to the max, this wall art is sure to captivate the attention of anyone who sees it.

See it live in studio to truly appreciate.

From £129

Featured product dimensions 20″ and costs £289

Featured product dimensions 30″ x 24″ and costs £239

Multi Aperture Heritage Frame

Can’t choose a favourite photo? With the Multi Aperture Heritage frame you don’t have to.

Each photo is luxurious, with a lustre finish, and arranged beautifully to create an absolutely stunning display.

Available in a range of sizes and arrangements to suit your wall space, this is a superb way to make the most of your pictures.

From £149

Multi Aperture Art Panel

Available as a single or a multi aperture, the Art Panel is the perfect upgrade from the days of canvas.

Lightweight and striking the Art Panel features photographically printed images with a subtle black edge band for a classic display.

A popular choice for a simple but beautiful wall art piece.

From £229

Featured product dimensions 24″ x 24″ and costs £229

Featured product dimensions 12″ x 10″ and costs £139

Acrylic Wall Art

For a truly contemporary way to display your incredible images, the Acrylic Wall Art is your friend.

The photograph is fronted by thick acrylic giving a razor sharp finish that is so stylish it will captivate anyone who sees it.

This is a display that is unmissable, elegant and modern. The Acrylic Wall Art is truly stunning

From £139

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