Those Preggo Feels… and there are lots! Part 1

Pregnant me and my bump! Wow the change in our bodies when we are growing our lovely babies really is something! I didn’t take any photos with my first pregnancy. I guess I felt too self conscious and a little ashamed that my bump didn’t look like those perfect round, tight little bumps of those women usually photographed for advertisements. After my Son was born, and my bump was a distant memory, I was sad that I had felt that way about my body. The body that grew my child. My most precious, wonderful boy that my body nurtured and kept safe for 9 (and a bit) months.

When I was fortunate to get another chance, I set up the camera and did it… I photographed my bump the day before my Daughter came into the world! Talk about cutting it fine. Phew! I did it. I have these photos to remind me of the time my body made a human. Yes, I was bloated, sporadically sickly and needing to nip to the loo every twice an hour but what a wonderful warming feeling it is to feel that flutter of your baby saying, ‘Im here’. This is what I feel when I look back at my bump photos.