What to Expect at Your Cake Smash & Splash

What to expect at your Cake Smash & Splash Photoshoot? Is your little person due to turn 1? or even 2? Let’s not limit it to only first birthdays. I mean, I have seen them for 30th and 40th birthdays and they look bloody marvellous! Glass of something alcoholic and a cake to myself…. sounds ace!

But anyway, back to kiddo cake smashes. Firstly, I’ll explain what they are.

In essence, it’s a messy, adorable and fun way to celebrate their birthday. You sit them down, onto floor of my studio, place a cake in front of them and watch them dig in. After that, it’s bath time! This bit is just as much fun. Baby splashing around and having fun in the water is equally gorge. Let me break it down a bit more for you

You said baby would be on the floor. Eeeew

I did, baby will be eating from the floor. Let me explain that my floors are high quality, cake proof flooring. The cake will be on a stand or at least a board. Therefore, only cake bits that have been flung baby may pick up from the floor and pop in their dribbly mouth. The Studio and floors are given a good clean before every session with non-toxic disinfectants and cleaners.

The Cake

You’ll need to provide the cake. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I’m pretty pants at baking. Secondly, I’m not insured or vetted to bake for my clients. I can recommend an excellent cake baker, if you would like. She features on my friends page of my website. Alternatively, if you are a bit handy in the kitchen, please feel free to make your own! They work best with lots of butter cream. in other words, decorate with maximum chances of mess.

Adorable Cake Smash
Adorable Cake Smash

Included in your session fee are some decorations. I decorate the backdrop with a banner or two and some loose balloons. Any further decorations i.e. balloon arch, teddies, other themed items would need to be provided by yourselves. I am flexible on colours and styling and we can discuss your tastes before hand to make sure I have everything in place for the special day.

Theme Restrictions

this one is very important. Copyrighted themes are a no no. To clarify, themes including Disney, Pixar, DC, Marvel, certain items of storybooks etc. It is highly illegal. For instance, last Christmas some photographers were going to do Grinch sessions. A lot of these received written warnings to desist or risk being sued for theft of intellectual property. Eeeesh.

Adorable Cake Smash
Adorable Cake Smash
The Outfit

You will need to choose and buy the outfit you want your child to wear. I can help you find what you are looking for (there are some gorgeous ones at decent prices on Patpat if you have time to order because shipping takes a few weeks).

The Bath

I have two tin baths (one small and one larger) to fit baby bums of all sizes. I use Dove Baby bubbles in a bubble bath. Alternatively, if you have a bambino with sensitive skin, you should bring your own soap. In a milk bath I tend to use Almond milk or powdered milk. For a fruit bath, I’ll chuck in whatever fruits you want. In addition, I will provide flowers/leaves if they suit the styling of your session. Cereals can be cute too. This is all discussed up front, at booking and before your session.

Adorable Cake Smash
Adorable Cake Smash
Booking and Preparing

To conclude, as with all of my sessions I want to make sure I have everything ready for you. Upon booking I will send you a questionnaire and a welcome guide to get some of your creative juices flowing and cover off how you envisage your photos. I am happy to put in as much time as you need to discuss colours, cakes, styles and outfits. Also, if you have seen images that you want to reimagine, send them to me. Most importantly, I want you to be thrilled with your investment.

So that’s pretty much it. Hopefully that has answered what to expect at your cake smash & splash photoshoot. If you would like to see more photos of cake smash sessions I have completed, click here. alternatively, if you would like to find styling inspiration, as always I recommend heading over to Pinterest.

Finally, if you would like to get in touch, you can do so here.

Rebecca xo

Adorable Cake Smash
Adorable Cake Smash