My Blog is just some thoughts and information that you might find helpful on your journey through pregnancy and motherhood. I am by no means a pregnancy expert. I am simply a Norwich mama, mumming my way through life. I’ve been through pregnancy twice and now a mum of two. My job allows me to speak to a lot of people who have been or going through pregnancy. The fears and worries, the abnormalities, the cravings, the water retention and sleepless nights, the chicken pox, the sensitive nipples and yes… asking my partner to help me with my shoes and a few other more intimate maintenance jobs. Feel free to have a browse of the blog and contact me if you would like to chat..

Baby Photography

Baby photography is so precious. Today I have been redesigning and updating galleries on my…

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Christmas Mini Photoshoot

Lockdown 3.0

I am writing this from my desk amidst lockdown 3.0. Homeschooling my very active 4…

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You might be sleep deprived, hungry and it’s been a bit of an emotional roller…

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